OK ladies and gentleman, here's the latest, greatest, most important new information that has a tremendous impact on your health and how you feel.

 Current research, "good research" not bought and paid for by medical science and pharmaceutical companies, has provided us with a common denominator that is the core of many degenerative diseases. This research has helped us define the real underlying cause behind many of our current health related maladies.


INFLAMMATION: response has been implicated and proven to

be the major factor with regards to :

• Osteoarthritis • Fibromyalgia • Triglycerides • Strokes
• Heart Diseases • Dementia • Spinal Pain • CROHN's
• Diabetes • Chronic Fatigue • Asthma • Degenerative Joint disease
• Alzheimer's • High Cholesterol • Immune Response • Cancer
 Almost all chronic degenerative disease's have their roots in the inflammatory process.
 How does this start? And how can you stop it?
While you are gradually improving your dietary habits, putting out the hidden embers of inflammation is important.
These protocols need testing, some with the doctor, some with blood -spot lab testing.
Simple, economical, successful.
Inflammation : The Silent Epidemic
This unique information is dedicated to understanding  inflammation:

The common denominator in cardiovascular, diabetes,

obesity,  cancer, and other degenerative disease’s.

Treat the symptoms or remove the Cause?

Inflammation is the bodies protective response to injury or irritation. When inflammation is out of control, tissues become damaged and trigger the cascade to chronic disease. Anti-inflammatory medicines attempt to block the symptoms of inflammation, but cannot cure the problem. Turning off the fire alarm, does not put out the fire. Don't just address the symptoms. Learn the underlying causes of inflammation and how to promote longevity by using natural methods of reducing inflammation.

Come and see the connection between inflammation and …

 • Poor dietary   habits
 • Inadequate digestion
 • Leaky gut & food allergies
 • Fatty acids deficiency
 • Candidiasis & Parasites
 • Elevated Homocysteine
 • Metabolic Syndrome
 • Cellular toxicity
 • Plus much more
Control Inflammation to Promote

Health & Longevity

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The diagram below is reviewed and handed out to most patients. If you wish less pain, less disease, better health .....

here is a road map and guide.

Easy ?

No Way!


Modern food source's are slowing killing us. The substances listed below are very hard to avoid.

Trans fats & Hydrogenated Oils - Carbs - Corn - Sugar - Soybeans  - Fast foods - Soda

Professional help is often needed. I often find it necessary to provide a list of food's to help with this effort.

Please feel free to discuss with a doctor.

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# 1 Treatment  -  Dietary Consideration
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