About Us

 Our clinic has undergone several transitions during the last 34 years. At the present time the staff consist of my wife Jackie, and Toni Jackson. Toni is a certified licensed x-ray technician and also assist with insurance, therapy and examinations. Our staff are excellent caring people that provide many valuable services to our patients. Their cooperative attitudes help our patients to feel relaxed and comfortable, making my job easier in helping our patients achieve a healthier lifestyle.

  During the past 10 years our treatment protocols have become quite successful. We have tested and treated patients from all over the country as well as several foreign countries. The differences in our services compared to standard chiropractic and medical care is discussed in other sections of our web site.

  To truly know "About Us", takes some time and  effort. The present work is quite comprehensive and progressive. We strongly believe in a healing / repair process  that helps the body regain health and normal physiology through the benefits of nutrition, laser, and exercise for a complete program. This truly is a "health and wellness clinic". If this last statement sounds too good  to be true, it's not. Please open your mind, learn how the body functions and embrace a true healing response,

          Thank you for taking the time to view our clinic's web site.         

Why Us ?

  What's Unique about us............

   Norris chiropractic offers a highly professional approach to patient care. We work closely with you to find the best treatment plan specifically designed with your health needs and goals in mind, whether those needs and goals are recovering from an injury, managing chronic pain or health and wellness. We will also work with your other health care providers to give you the best overall care possible.

We provide an integrated approach to your therapy needs. We strongly believe chiropractic care is an important aspect of caring for many spinal problems, but we also know the importance of adding the expertise of physical therapy, massage and exercise for a complete program.